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LaunchLab Partners Unveils Outsourced Commercialization Solution for Healthcare Innovators

New firm aims to accelerate patient access to innovations through strategic commercialization expertise

RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, CA (May 23, 2024) —LaunchLab Partners, Inc., an outsourced commercialization team providing integrated support from strategy through execution, announced its official business launch. Founded by strategy and marketing powerhouses Jenna Farr and Yari Mitchell, LaunchLab Partners seeks to simplify the complex commercialization process for healthcare innovators at any stage of development, accelerating patient access to healthcare products.

With decades of healthcare experience launching first-of-its-kind products, conducting consumer research, building markets, and executing impactful campaigns, Farr and Mitchell understand the challenges innovators face in bringing products to market. LaunchLab Partners leverages their significant healthcare industry experience and their ecosystem of top-tier experts to deliver effective strategies and implementation across the product development lifecycle.

“Creating successful strategies requires a thorough understanding of the market, customers, and the competition. This knowledge is critical in developing a commercialization plan that resonates with a client’s target audience and enables long-term growth,” said Farr. “A strategy is just a blueprint until it is executed flawlessly. The key to success is working with a partner who can bridge the gap between strategy and implementation, seamlessly translating your plan into a reality.”

“The product ideation phase is the ideal time to start mapping your go-to-market strategy. Early knowledge of your market and customer offers critical insights to support your cross-functional decision-making including supporting fundraising activities, clinical trial design, and supply chain strategy. It also ensures you have ample time to develop your market and a brand that connects with your end customer,” added Mitchell. “However, you don’t need to be early in your development journey to partner with us. Our end-to-end expertise benefits partners throughout the development lifecycle.”

With its comprehensive capabilities, LaunchLab Partners empowers healthcare innovators to overcome obstacles and achieve their business goals, serving as a trusted ally in bringing groundbreaking products from concept to widespread adoption.

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About LaunchLab Partners

LaunchLab Partners is an outsourced commercialization team built to empower healthcare innovators across a product lifecycle. From ideation through launch, LaunchLab Partners applies a data-driven approach, fearless creativity, and relentless execution. The company’s integrated method encompasses clinician and consumer insights, marketing, communications, commercialization, and business strategy to support consistent, efficient, and effective product launches. Serving as an extension of a client’s team or taking on full outsourced responsibilities, LaunchLab Partners assists clients ranging from startups to established companies.

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Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Marketing & Brand Experience

Jenna is passionate about advancing patient access to advanced healthcare innovations and leveraging her significant experience in marketing and brand development in service of that passion. With over 15 years of medical device marketing experience in ophthalmology and bariatrics, she specializes in global commercialization, product launches, clinical trial patient recruitment, branding, messaging, internet marketing strategies, and developing comprehensive marketing assets to support growth initiatives.

Prior to co-founding LaunchLab Partners, Jenna led Global Marketing for AcuFocus, a privately held medical device company based in Southern California. At AcuFocus she spearheaded the company’s global marketing strategy and led execution of the company’s brand and market development initiatives, launching first-of-their-kind products.

Jenna holds a B.A. in Marketing from San Diego State University and a certificate in Advanced Digital Marketing Growth strategies from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She also serves as a digital ambassador for the Ophthalmic World Leaders (OWL) and is a member of Women in Ophthalmology.

A self-identified Peloton enthusiast (#BeKindGoFarr), Jenna is committed to action, growth, community, and achievement.